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Mobile Grooming

Small and fluffy white dog.Mobile Hollywood Grooming located in Los Angeles, we provide most modern haircuts for your pet. Our skilled pet groomers at the mobile vans of Go Hollywood Grooming are trained and have several years of experience in grooming dogs and cats. We know that the best way to care for your pet is to keep them groomed on a regular basis. Regular grooming keeps your pet clean, healthy and happy. We also offer a convenient curbside grooming services to your home or office, so you don’t even have to come to us – we come to you! Check out our Luxury Pet Spa Van page to learn more.

Our grooming services cover everything your pets needs…and more! We treat your dog or cat with the best care, like they are our very own. During each grooming session we will:

  • •Slowly, gently brush and comb out your pet’s hair
  • •Provide a mini-massage
  • •Check for fleas and ticks
  • •Express anal glands
  • •Trim nails
  • •Clean their teeth
  • •Bathe them with all-natural shampoo and conditioner
  • •Provide flea or medicated bath if necessary
  • •Provide hot oil treatment after every bath
  • •Provide relaxing fluff dry by hand (no cages)
  • •Give professional hair cut
  • •Complete reporting on the condition of your pet’s skin and coat

Our luxury pet mobile grooming services are a step above similar pet grooming companies. This is because we take the time to truly treat your pet like they are a king or queen. All of our staff has a passion for animals and cares for them like they are their very own. We have several client referrals and people love us on Yelp.

Why are Pet Grooming Services Important?

Smiling brown and white dog.Grooming is not just about giving your dog a nice haircut and keeping them clean. Pet grooming is about keeping your dog or cat in good physical health, their appearance also improves as an added benefit. Both dogs and cats must be trained to endure grooming services while they are young because it is good for them. If you wait too long to groom your pet, your pet will resist the grooming services, especially the necessary nail trimmings and ear cleanings. Grooming is especially important for long-haired animals.
They require more intense grooming sessions because it takes more time to shampoo, brush and cut their coat. They should get accustomed to these longer grooming sessions early in their lives so they understand the process and eventually start enjoying it. You can begin grooming a puppy when they are approximately three weeks old. Some breeders even begin familiarizing their dogs with grooming before they go to new homes so they are accustomed to it.

Brushing services are beneficial to all kinds of dogs and cats because it helps remove dead hair, dirt and dandruff. Regular brushing also improves the pet’s fur because it brings out the natural oils in the coat, allowing for a healthy sheen. In addition, another benefit of grooming is that it allows your pet to be regularly checked for any abnormalities. This could be things like skin problems such as ticks, fleas and dry patches, or issues with their nails, teeth, ears, and eyes. When problems like this are spotted early on, treatment can start right away before something more serious develops.

All in all, pet grooming services keep your animal happy and healthy. It also helps save you in emergency veterinary bills because any problems are usually spotted right away by the groomer and treated ASAP before anything more serious develops from it being unnoticed and untreated.
Contact mobile Go Hollywood Grooming today and rest assure your dog or cat would love our special grooming session where they are the star.