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We welcome any questions you might have about Grooming, how to look after your pet’s condition in between grooming sessions and more.

Our friendly, experienced team at Hollywood Grooming have pulled together some of the most frequently asked questions we get, so you can easily find the answer you’re searching for.

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  • •Are your products natural? Yes, our products are natural and gentle.
  • •Do you groom cats as well as dogs? Yes, we do. We have a lot of experience working with cats and providing a calm environment for both cats and dogs.
  • •Are you a local grooming business? Yes, we are a locally owned, with an amazing staff of dedicated team members, we are one big family.
  • •Do you have experience with my dog’s breed? We have a wealth of experience with many breeds.
  • •Are your Groomer’s trained?  Yes, all of our Groomers are trained.
  • •What’s the best way to brush my pet? Gently and patiently, especially while you pet/s get used to this process. The Animal Humane Society also have some great tips.
  • •What brush should I use for my breed? There are a variety of brushes available which all work differently, for different coats, lengths or hair issues. A Veterinarian can also give advice on the best brush type for your breed of pet.
  • •Can I meet you at a coffee shop? As this where I conduct my work. Yes! We have and will meet customers at a coffee shop!