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Have Pet, Will Travel!

Pawsitively Purfect Travel Tips For You and Your FURkids!

Here are some Fur-st class tips on traveling with your fury buddies.

  • 1. Use a well-ventilated pet carrier to transport your pets. We suggest our friends at Petflys.com for all your local and international travel needs. Airline and Pet approved!
  • 2. Call in advance of your destination to make sure pets are allowed;
  • 3. NEVER leave your pets unattended ANYWHERE!
  • 4. Check for Fleas and Ticks before, during and after your trip;
  • 5. If camping make sure to bring a FIRST AID KIT for you and your pets;
  • 6. Learn to recognize potential danger for your pets. It’s always so awesome to see your pets off-leash running in the woods, through streams, at the beach and being FREE in Nature; however be aware of your surroundingS. Jellyfish, broken glass, Snakes, Bobcats, Badgers, Porcupines and other unexpected visitors or other can present sometimes FATAL injuries. If you have the antidote and are prepared, you and your pet will have a stress free adventure.
  • 7. Make sure you have ample water resources such as spill proof water dishes. If on the road for long trips a good idea is to fill your pets bowl with ice cubes. They melt slowly and are so FUN!
  • 8. Verify all documents and required vaccinations well in advance and bring all veterinarian health records.
  • 9. Stop every few hours for water and potty/exercise breaks if on a long road.
  • 10. If traveling internationally, verify all requirements necessary for pets at the consulate or embassy of your destination country.
  • 11. DO NOT BOOK TICKETS until you are sure you and FIDO or FIFI will be on the same flight! Don’t laugh…it has happened.
  • 12. PET TRAVEL KIT: Favorite pillow or comfort toy, brush or comb, medications, Rabies vaccination certificate, water bottles, snacks, treats, leash, whistle (did I mention treats?) or whatever assures that your pet will come back to you if let off the leash and health records.
  • 13. Flora and Fauna are fabulous! But be aware of the habitat around you and your pet. Some species of flowers, trees and plants (and even Toads!) are poisonous to your pet’s mouth, skin and stomach. Be watchful for Mold and Fungus on sticks, milky white stems or leaves, tree sap, poison ivy and other potential irritants.

Warm Fuzzies,

The Hollywood Grooming Family

Dog wearing sunglasses, lying on a suitcase.